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Review Articles from PubMed

Review articles summarize what is currently known about a disease. They discuss research previously published by others. The terms "Microencephaly" returned 0 free, full-text review articles. First 0 results:
Zika virus as a causative agent for primary microencephaly: the evidence so far.
Last Updated: Dec 02, 2018

Zika virus (ZIKV) infection has been associated with congenital microcephaly and peripheral neuropathy. The ongoing epidemic has triggered swift responses in the scientific community, and a number of recent reports have now confirmed a causal relationship between ZIKV infection and ...

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Editorials from PubMed

Editorial articles describe the outcome of a single study. They are the published results of original research. The terms "Microencephaly" returned 0 free, full-text editorial articles. First 0 results:
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Research Articles from PubMed

Research articles describe the outcome of a single study. They are the published results of original research. The terms "Microencephaly" returned 1 free, full-text research articles. First 1 results:
Microencephaly in fetal piglets following in utero inoculation of Zika virus.
Last Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Zika virus (ZIKV) is a mosquito-borne flavivirus that became associated with microcephaly in newborns and Guillain-Barré syndrome in adults after its emergence in the Pacific and the Americas in 2015. Newly developed rodent and nonhuman primate models have already revealed important ...

An autopsy case of microencephaly, bizarre putaminal lesion, and cerebellar atrophy with heart and liver diseases.
Last Updated: Jul 23, 2014

We reported a 64-year-old autopsy case, showing a unique combination of disorders in visceral organs and brain. She had developmental delay, microencephaly, and facial dysmorphism. She developed sick sinus syndrome and liver cirrhosis. There were no abnormalities in laboratory tests ...

Peritoneal dialysis in microencephaly.
Last Updated: Mar 05, 2009

J.T. was able to remain home in her familiar environment and receive safe and adequate treatment for her renal disease. J.T. had no infectious episodes or hospitalizations while under this unit's care for 35 months. She was also able to participate in her regular activities of daily ...

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