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Diabetic mastopathy

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Review Articles from PubMed

Review articles summarize what is currently known about a disease. They discuss research previously published by others. The terms "Diabetic mastopathy" returned 3 free, full-text review articles. First few results:
Diabetic Mastopathy: A Systematic Review of Surgical Management of a Rare Breast Disease.
Last Updated: Dec 02, 2018

Diabetic mastopathy is a benign condition of the breast that typically manifests in patients with diabetes mellitus. Lymphocytic mastopathy is the term used to describe this condition in patients without diabetes mellitus. Most patients undergo excisional biopsy, but the use of mastectomy, ...

Diabetic mastopathy: case report and summary of literature.
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2014

Diabetic mastopathy is an uncommon, benign breast condition seen in type 1 and less frequently type 2 diabetic patients. It is characterized by a dense fibrous stromal proliferation of breast tissue, clinically mimicking cancerous masses, thus leading to worrisome investigations. ...

Diabetic mastopathy: a case report.
Last Updated: Nov 16, 2012

Diabetic mastopathy (DMP) is an uncommon collection of clinical, radiological, and histological features, classically described in premenopausal women with long-term insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. This entity can mimic breast carcinoma, but, in the appropriate clinical and imaging ...

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Research Articles from PubMed

Research articles describe the outcome of a single study. They are the published results of original research. The terms "Diabetic mastopathy" returned 7 free, full-text research articles. First few results:
Clinical, mammographic, and ultrasonographic characteristics of diabetic mastopathy: A case series.
Last Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Diabetic mastopathy (DMP) is a rare benign breast lesion that mimics breast cancer on ultrasound. Our aims were to identify patient characteristics and imaging features of the disease.

Diabetic Mastopathy.
Last Updated: May 07, 2019

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